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Sunday, November 9, 2014

W&HM PR Relay: Magnaflow Partners With Chip Foose on Custom Ford GT

Press Release from:

Steve Stanford Petersen Museum
The 2006 Ford GT had long been a dream vehicle of Chip Foose. Dream became reality on Chip's 50th birthday when his wife presented him with his very own Tungsten Grey GT. But, as to be expected, Foose wasn't satisfied with keeping the beauty stock, and soon set about adding his own personal touches. 
To start, Chip refined and smoothed the design, with an emphasis on the rear end of the GT. The rear bumper has been removed and the frame extensions cut back and trimmed flush with the body. To enhance the overall look, custom nerf covers have been added and the stripes on the body and side have all received an orange accent outline, done with 3M vinyl material.
While the GT had a great sound on its own, Foose turned to longtime partner, MagnaFlow, to give this high performance car a sound that would really turn heads. "To optimize the GT's 550 supercharged HP, we used a combination of 3" and 2.5" mandrel bent stainless steel incorporating a pair of custom 5 x 8 MF performance mufflers and our TRU-x. Providing a street legal yet aggressive sound, this MF Performance exhaust is 50 state legal and nets double digit HP gain coupled with an added bonus of reduced mass" – Richard Waitas, MagnaFlow Senior Manager. 
To finish this vehicle, new one-off wheels were designed by Chip and cut out of aluminum. The 6-spoke design is racing inspired, wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires and features two orange accent lines on the inside of the wheels. 
The subtle, sophisticated design of Chip Foose and the power of MagnaFlow have combined to accentuate what is already a legendary American sports car and truly make it one-of-a-kind. 
MagnaFlow, with their legacy of performance, has been a global leader in hi-quality exhaust systems for over 30 years. Industry leading technology, design, fitment and manufacturing has made MagnaFlow the choice of Champions and performance enthusiasts worldwide. Made in the USA, MagnaFlow designs and manufactures a full line high-quality, high-performance exhaust products for the automotive and motorcycle aftermarkets as well as a lifestyle apparel line. Known for both innovation and extensive coverage, MagnaFlow delivers full systems, slip on mufflers and in-house designed and built catalytic converters to meet and exceed the demands of today's drivers and riders. With unmatched style, sound, performance and quality, MagnaFlow has been become the exhaust system of choice for many Master Builders and Champion racers such as Mario Andretti, Chip Foose, "Grave Digger's" Dennis Anderson, Arlen Ness and Vaughn Gittin Jr. Quality, Power and Sound is what it is all about at MagnaFlow.


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