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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eureka! Assigning subdomains to blogger or blogspot blogs in Google Domains

Los Angeles, CA / by Py / Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015

Recently Google entered the domain registrar business, first in beta, and now fully public in the US.  We anticipate that they will go global soon!

However, at this time, the community is still building the knowledge base on how to do various things that were well documented in other registrars' scenarios.

Here is one that is valuable: setting up a subdomain to a blogger / blogspot blog in Google Domains.  We like to keep it simple here, so we cut to the chase:

Assume the domain is called "" and you want to point "news." subdomain (i.e. to the blog 

1. Blogger / Blogspot side

a. login to your blogger
b. go to Settings -> Publishing > Blog Address
c. click: "+ Setup a Google Domains URL for your blog - Point your Google Domains URL to your blog."
d. enter your subdomain name (e.g. "news") to the text field to complete the full subdomain URL and save it.
e. now you should see the updated redirect: Edit X redirects

2. Google Domains

a. login to your Google Domains account
b. under your main domain (e.g., select "DNS"
c. under "Custom resource records", enter the subdomain name (e.g. news) and select CNAME and then enter, and click [Add]

Wait a few minutes.  It takes time to refresh.  That's it!

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